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Canoeing - Frequently Asked Questions


Table of Contents:

1. What Rules/Laws should we be concerned with when Canoeing Village Creek?
2. Do you have a Restroom I can use?
3. Is it hard to canoe Village Creek?
4. Are there any Alligators?
5. What should I bring?
6. How many people can ride in a canoe?
7. How far in advance do you have to reserve your trip?


What Rules / Laws should we be concerned with when Canoeing Village Creek?

  • NO GLASS ~ Bottles are ILLEGAL ... 
  • "Leave NOTHING but footprints....
  • TAKE NOTHING except photographs." 
  • Polystyrene (cheap) Foam Coolers are PROHIBITED! 
  • NO Profanity or Loud Music ...
  • HELP out other paddlers in need!
  • Respect Private Property - Limit your activities to the waterway & the sandbars.
  • DAY'S END @ 6:00 PM ....please return all rental boats to the landing before CLOSING TIME (6pm).

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Do you have a Restroom I can use?

Yes.  During the peak paddling season from early March  until late October, we do have a clean restroom at our Headquarters in Silsbee.  During the off-season months (Nov - Feb) the restroom will be closed.

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Is it hard to Canoe Village Creek?

No. It's fairly easy at normal water levels and usually is a good place for beginners to learn.  Novices & Families w/ small children should choose a short trip the first time out (section #2).   At higher levels, longer floats can be arranged  - making an exciting ADVENTURE for even the most avid paddler.  Non-Swimmers should WEAR LIFEJACKETS at all times!!!! 

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Are there any Alligators?

No. Village Creek & the Neches River BOTH are cool, spring-fed waterways with a gentle current SO mosquitoes cannot breed in either stream.  While Alligators do exist in the Big Thicket, they are rarely ever seen on Village Creek BUT we do occassionally see small American Alligator or two (~ 4' long) on our NECHES RIVER WILDERNESS TRIP.  Most wildlife is enjoyable and what you are most likely to see are Turtles, Birds and Butterflies during the day.  At night, you may hear owls, coyotes, racoons or other nocturnal wildlife around your campsite.

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What should I bring?

For a day trip, Bring Snacks, a Picnic Lunch, Cold Drinks (NO GLASS!) and Water enough for everyone to last at least 4 hours. Towels and a change of dry clothes left in your car for the ride home is a smart idea. All our Canoes have room enought to carry to a standard family-sized cooler (NO Over-sized coolers allowed). Daytime Paddlers should arrive early in the day, not mid-afternoon.  Campers need a tent and a few essentials for a night in the wilderness. A Primitive Camping Checklist is available here.

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How many people can ride in a canoe?

Two (2) people per Canoe is typical (Tandem).  2 Adults w/ a small child can also use a Tandem Canoe BUT Three (3) Adults paddling together or (2) Adults + (2) small children must rent an X-Large Family Canoe to be safe and comfortable.  Jayhawkers Canoe Trails Outfitters offer a very large fleet of canoes & kayaks to our guests and we can help you decide which one is right for you or your family.

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How far in advance do you have to reserve your trip?

During the Peak Season from March - October, Weekends are usually busy. Weekdays are always better for last-minute availability.  The best rule is the larger the group, the more important guaranteed reservations become.  Still, many groups do not plan in advance at all and are still able to arrange service in just a few minutes calling Headquarters before they travel to Silsbee.  To avoid disappointment, Paddlers or Campers checking in after 12 Noon (any day) should have guaranteed Reservations.


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