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Silsbee, Texas  77656
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8529 W Farm to Market Rd 418
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Jayhawkers Canoe Trails

Big Thicket Outfitters
"Since 1978"

Reservations are Recommended

Jayhawkers Canoe Trails offers two (2) levels of Reservations for Paddlers & Campers planning in advance for peak season excursions early March thru late October.   

  1. Courtesy Reservations  (temporary)
  2. Guaranted Reservations RSVP (Deposit Req'd)

  Group Reservations Recommended  Rain or Shine Canoe Trips


 Experienced Oufitters DAILY

 Courtesy Reservations

Courtesy Reservations are tentative reservations that allow Group Leaders time to get the word out and collect commitments from their participants.  Call Headquarters well in advance for available dates.


 Reserve your Canoe in Advance!





Guaranteed Reservations

Guaranteed Reservations (RSVP) Require the non-refundable deposit per rental boat we hold in reserve for your use only.  Once rental boat(s) are Guaranteed in this manner, these boat(s) will NOT be rented to others,

Since Jayhawkers can no longer rent these boat(s) to others on this day(s), cancellations on canoes & kayaks Guaranteed w/ a deposit will result in loss of deposit on that boat(s).  NO EXCEPTIONS!



 Advance Payment Guarantees additional Group Discounts...

Group Leaders able to pay the total amount due due on their reservation at least 3 Days in advance may qualify for an additional Discount. Some restrictions apply on Saturdays & Holiday Weekends during the Peak Season. Call HQ's for more details on Advance Pay Discounts for Groups.


Rescheduling & Rainchecks

Families and Groups with Guaranteed Reservations may reschedule their reservation date(s): Once (1) per season as long as Headquarters receives at least 10 days advance notice from the Group Leader.

Jayhawkers Canoe Trails operates Daily - RAIN OR SHINE.  We have no control over the weather nor can we predict the weather.  Please do not expect to cancel your reservation based on an imperfect weather forecast. Your deposit on each cancelled boat(s) will be lost if you do not honor you reservation.

Hats & disposable ponchos will save the day if you should encounter rain.  If the forecast of possible "thunder or rain" will discourage you from honoring your Guaranteed reservation, you should wait until you are 100% satisfied with the prospect of good weather before you pay the non-refundable deposit.

ONLY - Severe Weather "WARNINGS" in our area (not yours) ... will result in RSVP reservations being issued rainchecks. 

 "Action Stage" = HIGH water levels.  This will usually result in all RSVP reservations being given the option to reschedule.

"Flood Stage" = All RSVP trips are cancelled and allowed to reschedule.

Guaranteed Reservations (RSVP) are permanent arrangements.  Jayhawkers will hold up our end of the deal ....  So must you... NO Credit will be issued for late cancellations.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

WARNING ! ! !  WARNING ! ! ! WARNING ! ! !

All participants should BE PREPARED to encounter heat, cold, wind, rain, deep water, strong currents, fallen trees, log jams, strainers and wildlife.

Canoeing is LIFE ---Deal with it!

See you on the Water!


/----<> HAPPY PADDLING <>----\
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